• Large Mobile Ventilation Units for Fire Brigades
    Various factory fire departments as well as civil fire brigades
  • Leak Test Machines for Shock Absorber Systems
    Continental Group USA
  • Assembly Line for Automotive Transmissions (housing, bearings, differentials, etc.)
    Getrag - Kosice Slovakia
  • Assembly Line for Axial Piston Pump and Hydraulic System Motor
    Bosch Rexroth - Ulm Elchingen
  • Transmission Test Bench for Railway Industry (torque, vibration, temperature)
    Voith Heidenheim
  • Full Automatic Assembly Machine for “Tripoden-Joints”
  • Assembly System for Front and Rear Axle (motor and transmission) for Electric Drive Unit with Automatic Bolt Feeding and Tightening
  • Gripper Systems for Handling of Batteries and Battery Packs for Future Electric Vehicles
    Volkswagen - Braunschweig
  • Logistics Solutions for Trailers and Shelving Systems, E-Shooter Carriages with SUMA and VBO Shelves, Operated by FTS
    Audi - Ingolstadt

And many others...

Examples of Projects

We design and realize automation systems and special machines from the idea to the ready-to-run system. From vision to concept, the construction, the planning, the manufacturing as well as the project managemen, of course, including the pre-assembly, as well as the installation and commissioning at site.